This is Your Life, Make it Beautiful

Back in the winter of 2014, a former wedding client of mine, Stacey Wyand came up with an amazing idea to bring some smiles and positivity into the life of several PEI woman undergoing various stages of cancer treatment. Over the course of a few weeks, Stacey gathered the support of her wedding photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, friends, and family to come together and organize a day of fun and laughter for 4 local women. With no motive and no backing from any organization, we set out just to do some good. 

Based on the viral video If Only for a Second, we had a plan to offer a one day makeover for the women. The ladies were treated to a stylist at Rikki's, had their nails done and hands massaged, and enjoyed free time to mingle with everyone. They were instructed not to look in any mirrors until their hair & makeup were finished. What they didn't expect when their reflections were revealed in front of our mirror, were the ridiculous hairstyles that were created for them! Even it was 'if only for a second', their cares and worries were washed away with the shock and laughter of how they looked :)

You can check out the video from last year, filmed by the talented Lowell Productions

Because of the tremendous success of 2014, our team was so eager and excited to bring this event back for 2015. On a sunny Saturday in February we returned to Cymbria Lions Club to do it all over again with 5 incredible new ladies! Our 5 enjoyed mingling among themselves and the volunteers, drinks & snacks, and having their hands massaged and their nails painted. We even had prize giveaways including trailer rentals and camping at Marco Polo Land

This year we were excited to have Joel from Serious Media to film the day and the reveals. 

All hairstyling and nails were done by the talented Sharon Keller of Bounce! Hair Studio who also created our wigs for last year's event. 

One was unable to make it but we were so happy to have 3 of our ladies from last year's event come back to say hello again this year! Looking great! 

Holly Ryder from Priti Makeup Artistry volunteered her time again this year as well! 

Finally, after makeup and clothing were finished, our ladies came into a separate room where one by one their wigs were applied and they sat in our stool. Waiting on one side of a full length mirror was Joel filming it all, and on the other was me, photographing it all. 

Remember that they had no idea what to expect when they opened their eyes. Enjoy! 

This sign was found the morning of our event last year, and since it fit the theme of our day so well we had to include it. If you scroll back up, you'll notice one of our volunteers, Gaylene had the words tattooed on her arm in honor of her Mother who participated this year. 

From left to right, the amazing team who brought this event together:

Brady McCloskey, Gaylene Colborne, Joel MacDonald, Sharon Keller, Stacey Wyand, Holly Ryder, Michelle Gallant, Valicia Wyand, and Dianne Wyand. 

Part 2!

In April we invited the ladies back for a 'reveal day' at the PEI Brewing Company where we encouraged them to bring along family and friends to come watch the video and view the photos. We all laughed and enjoyed another happy and fun event!

This event has been an incredible experience for us all and we were thrilled to bring laughter and relaxation to these women who have gone through so much. It's an important thing to help others in need and we are fortunate to be able to do so. Watch out for next year because it will be even bigger and better than before!!

A special thanks goes out to all of those who organized, donated, or gave their support in many ways:

  • Emerald Isle Property Management
  • Bounce Hair Studio
  • Priti Makeup Artistry 
  • Serious Media
  • Rikki's Clothing
  • Cymbria Lions Club
  • North Rustico Co-op
  • Marco Polo Land
  • Wyand's Trailor Rentals
  • O'Connor Glass
  • PEI Brewing Company

To finish off, you can view the video of the event right here :)