I love to offer 1 on 1 photo lessons for those looking to make the most of their digital SLR cameras. Lessons are a way to learn hands on from an experienced, professional photographer who will take the noise and confusion out of learning on your own, and customize your lesson to you. You will learn how to properly photograph on Manual in different situations and overcome problems you've previously experienced while shooting.

I explain how real photos were taken and later have you photograph while I walk you through my process. Lessons take place in an indoor/outdoor location in downtown Charlottetown, allowing you to learn the proper techniques for both situations. I will take the time to address all questions and concerns and make sure you leave confident you can take better photos! It is casual, straight forward, and fun. Lessons are $150 per person and take typically1.5 - 2 hours. Want to learn with a partner? Groups of two are also allowed. Note these lessons are designed for hobby photographers and not those pursuing professional photography. For more information and to book your session, please contact me.