Jess & Alex - Elopement in Point Prim, PEI

wedding date - june 8, 2018.

Jess and Alex travelled to PEI from the United States looking for a peaceful and inclusive place to celebrate their marriage. They felt welcomed right away by Prince Edward Island and their hosts Melody & Val at The Steeple Cottage in Point Prim - a unique venue with a dramatic and beautiful beach on the rocky shore of Point Prim.

I showed up that cool and rainy day and suggested the pair hang out and enjoy a little time together before the ceremony. Alex played guitar and we enjoyed the warm cottage before heading out to meet the marriage commissioner Melody & her partner Val. We took our chances whether it would start to rain again and traveled down the steps to the red rock beach where they said their vows. Although the rain did come on strong during their ceremony, everyone was still laughing and enjoying the moment. After a retreat back to the cottage to dry off and warm up, we travelled to the nearby Point Prim Lighthouse for more photos. Just before we said our goodbyes we stopped at one last field of dandelions that were white and turning to seed. The sun broke through the clouds at the perfect time, glistening off the flowers and creating one of the most amazing pink sky sunsets that I’ve ever captured. A perfect ending to a lovely evening.

Congratulations Alex & Jess - it was a true pleasure meeting and working with you!


venue - the steeple cottage

suits - ASOS

marriage commissioner - melody ellis

photography - brady mccloskey photography

Chelsey & Tyler - Elopement at Dalvay by the sea

wedding date - august 29th, 2017

Chelsey & Tyler contacted me with the simple idea of eloping on Prince Edward Island on a Tuesday evening in August of 2017. As Calgary residents they had no real connection to PEI, didn’t have any guests, and wanted a stress free and casual wedding on the beach. They thought of the options for where they could get married, and kept coming back to the beaches of PEI. I love elopements and although they are not for everyone, they can be such a genuine and meaningful experience which was exactly what Chelsey & Tyler had.

I met them in their room at the beautiful Dalvay by the Sea on Prince Edward Island’s North Shore and we walked across to the beach to meet their marriage commissioner. Down by the water on beautiful and warm August evening they said their vows during a peaceful and intimate ceremony. After the quick official words, we parted ways with their commissioner and photographed on the beach and around the Dalvay property. Any time I am photographing a couple I love to talk with them and hear their stories about how they met, where they came from, and get to know them a little more.

Chelsey & Tyler wanted a typical, larger wedding but the more they began to plan it and think about it they realized they would enjoy a small ceremony to themselves much more. There were no expectations and they could really enjoy each other’s company. Their evening on the beach in Dalvay was exactly what they pictured, and we had so much fun capturing these photos. I think they are a perfect representation of their bond, and the experience they had that evening.

To Chelsey & Tyler - all the best for your many years together! <3

Taylor & Mark - Charlottetown Wedding at The Delta Prince Edward

Wedding date - July 21st, 2018

Taylor & Mark and met through mutual friends and quickly hit things off. In the Spring of 2017 they visited one of their favorite hiking spots where Mark planned to propose at the top. Mark assumed there would be lots of people around to take a photo of him asking the question, but when they reached the top there was not a soul in sight. Eventually, he (uncharacteristically) asked Taylor if they could get a photo together and set up a timer instead! She was shocked, out of words, and of course - said yes.

Mark & Taylor were married on a warm July day in Charlottetown on the back terrace at the Delta Prince Edward. We captured lots of photographs of the two of them together but also with the many people they are close to in their lives. Locations included a friend’s home on the waterfront, Government House, The Delta, and Taylor’s home. My favorite part are all the huge smiles and emotions you can feel in these photos. There was no shortage of family and friends around on their wedding day so you could tell Mark & Taylor were really loved by many. Parents, siblings, and friends all played a large role in the day - including Taylor’s three sisters!

Getting to know this couple and capturing their wedding was a joy and a highlight of the year. I’m excited to now share these photos with you all! Enjoy,

Number of guests - 160

Venue - Delta Prince Edward Hotel

Wedding coordination - Elysian weddings and events

makeup - taylored beauty

hair - Brittany Bruinooge

flowers - island meadow farms

dress - Halo Gown by Hayley Paige

decor - once upon a wedding

Music - Bridgette Blanchard, Gordie Cox

Limo - Prestige Limousine

cake - Christine’s Cake Creations

photography - brady mccloskey photography

Travel - Europe & the Middle East

It’s been over a year since friends and I travelled to Europe and the Middle East and I am finally getting around to sharing some of my travel photos! I spent 6 weeks backpacking and visiting friends in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Qatar, and Spain.

I don’t always take my camera on vacation but I knew this trip would be filled with so many photo opportunities and cool sceneries, so it had to come along. This trip brought such a diverse mix of destinations, each with their own highlights. Much of the adventure was planned along the way including accommodation/cheap flights booked with just a few days notice. Some people enjoy the planning process of a trip, but it’s actually my least favorite part and I prefer to be spontaneous and flexible along the way. I photographed most days and there are a lot more photos, so here’s just a little preview!

Belgium, France, & Germany

We starting the whole trip by flying into Brussels where we stayed a few nights, eating waffles, drinking beer, and exploring the city on foot. From there we rented a car and drove to Arras, France for a few nights, using it as our home base to explore Vimmy Ridge, Beaumount Hamel, and other Canadian war memorials. Afterwards, we trained to the picturesque town of Bruges in Belgium where we spent 4 or 5 nights. Of all, Bruges was my favorite since it was filled with winding old streets, was really bike friendly, surrounded by a nice canal, and had tons of history. To cap off these first two weeks we travelled to Frankfurt to stay with our friend and regroup before the next adventure - Italy!


After a couples weeks of rainy and dreary weather, I was ready for the sun. Having about 10 days unplanned, we checked Google Flights to find the cheapest flight to a fun destination, and settled on Italy. Although I’ve been twice before, Italy is one of my favorite places to visit and I was so excited to go back. We flew into Pisa, took the train to Florence, and I travelled solo to Tuscany and Milan. The food, the cheap wine, the views, the vibe, I love it all.

Any time you travel you have to expect hiccups along the way, and Italy threw me a big one. My friends and I parted ways in Florence as I had plans for a road trip while they went to Rome. I had a really remote Airbnb booked in the hills far outside Florence and planned to rent a car to explore a bunch of Tuscan towns over 5 days. When I arrived at Hertz to pick up my car, I found out my PEI driver’s license had just EXPIRED! It was something I never even thought to check (expires every 5 years) and I was unable to rent any car, throwing off all my plans. I vowed to roll with it. I left Hertz (in the pouring rain) and searched for wifi to find a bus or something that could drop me off near the Airbnb since I couldn’t cancel it. Even though it took triple the amount of time to get there, I somehow still made it that night after a very long bumpy bus ride. In the end I was stranded at this house on the side of the road, 45 minutes away from the nearest town and had to make the best of it! Without a car or reliable public transportation I couldn’t explore the area as planned as it was so remote, and opted to relax, read, cook, and try and enjoy the peace and quiet. Thankfully I stopped for groceries before I left as there wasn’t even food anywhere close.

The hiccup forced me to change all travel plans/flights but in the end it was something to laugh about, and forced me to slow down for a few days. I suppose I wasn’t meant to do explore Tuscany this trip which just means I’ll have to go back again!

Germany & Austria

After Italy I flew Milan to Munich to spend some time with my friends Tobi & Sara who now call the Munich area home. I had a such a great visit enjoying their small town, surrounding area, visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, and crossing the border to Austria. Munich is one of the few places I’ve visited where I said I could certainly live. The city itself was so clean, had a massive park, lots to see, and had a really good vibe to it. We definitely left raving about Munich!


Our friend Daniett has been teaching for a few years in Doha, Qatar and we’ve always been super interested to know more about it. Travel plans and dates worked out, so we made the long trek to see her! After my time visiting in Munich I met back up with one of my friends, and we flew to Doha a couple days later. Qatar ended up being a fascinating country that was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. The sheer wealth everywhere, how everything was over the top, the extreme heat, and the different culture was all so interesting. With a local’s perspective I think we had a much better experience than someone would coming on their own and staying in the (very expensive) tourist area of the city. I believed we stayed for 5 nights. We boated, did a wild Land Cruiser tour of the desert, rode camels, ate and shopped at the local markets, and really enjoyed our visit to this part of the world. A very cool experience I was fortunate to enjoy.


To end off my trip I flew to Barcelona, Spain, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Originally I had planned for just 4 nights in the city but twice went back to the desk at my hostel to add more nights. In the end I spent 8 nights there! I loved that the city had so many different things to do every day and I never ran out of options. From the nearby mountains, the beach, the Gothic Quarter, good food, shopping, and the countless attractions, it really had it all. I loved Barcelona and would love to visit it again some day.

One of the highlights of my trip was spending the day at Montserrat outside of Barcelona. The mountaintop monastery and hiking had some of the most incredible trails and views I’ve ever seen. Long lines for the cable car meant I didn’t have as much time as I wanted, but I still really enjoyed being up there.

After that I flew to Malaga for a night and then spent 4 nights on the Costa del Sol in the beach town of Fuengirola. I splurged a little on a great Airbnb by the beach and cooked lots of amazing local food. I knew nothing about Fuengirola but found it by zooming in on Google Maps, doing a fast Google, and quickly deciding it looked like a chill, cheap, and easy place to relax in.

From there it was back to Brussels, and back to reality. Until next time!

A Road Trip in Iceland

This past October I spent a whirlwind 5 days in Iceland attending the first ever Roadie Workshop hosted by Nordica Photography & Mark Pacura. For two full days we traveled in Land Rovers around rural and remote areas of Iceland, photographing two separate couples for an epic portfolio building workshop. We shot from sunrise to sunset to midnight, and through every type of winter weather. We explored hidden beaches, mountains, lakes, and every jaw dropping location in between. Iceland has scenery unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, so the opportunity to photograph there was so very cool.

10 of us photographers from around the world bunked together, learned new techniques, expanded our portfolios, talked business and marketing, and learned so much from one another. Every year I look to do one major form of photography education. This Iceland trip was certainly a great experience to really get out of my comfort zone, shoot in a different location, meet new people, and add some amazing new content for my travel portfolio. It’s so easy to see why Iceland is on every photographer’s bucket list.


2018 Favorites

2018 brought another year of adventure. New people, new places, and so many new experiences. I’ve been welcomed into the lives of strangers and friends during nearly 200 photo shoots this past year. It is always a time consuming and difficult task of narrowing down my personal favorite photos from my wedding and portrait work, only some of which can fit in this post. For many different reasons, these are the photos that stand out to me personally.

Working with people every day is the best part of this job, and being invited to be a part of all your moments is so appreciated. To every single person who was behind the camera this year, I thank you for allowing me to tell a little part of your story. I’ve had a blast. 2019 is sure to be another big year, and I hope to see you along the way.

Many thanks, and enjoy.

Naomi & Nathan - October wedding in Alberton, PEI

wedding date - october 7th, 2017

A few years ago Nathan moved temporarily from Ontario to small town Alberton, Prince Edward Island to help his Mother set up her new restaurant in town - The Sidewalk Grill. Around the same time, Naomi also moved to Alberton when she got a pharmacist job after graduation. Neither intended to stay in the small town long term, but everything changed when they crossed paths and met each other. With their workplaces being close by, Naomi would often head to the restaurant for lunch and strike up conversations with Nate. Their lunch time interactions soon changed to dates, and the two quickly fell in love. Fittingly, Nate proposed to Naomi over breakfast one morning! Fast forward to now, Naomi & Nate have bought a beautiful home together and have settled in the small town where they met! 

Naomi grew up as a fisherman's daughter in Souris, PEI so their wedding reception took place on the pier at Northport Harbour. Their decor tied in nautical with the Fall colors, blue and white being highlights. Their favorite moment of the day was seeing each other as Naomi walked down the isle, all their nerves changing to joy and excitement. 

Naomi & Nathan are two of the kindest people you can ever meet, and they are a pleasure to be around. All day you could feel how special it was for both of them to have everyone together, and see the love from around the room. We photographed on the cliffs in Western PEI, in their backyard, and at Northport pier. I'm so happy I was able to capture their wedding, and just spend a day with them too! Congratulations Naomi & Nate!  

number of guests - 140

ceremony - st anthony's church

reception - northport pier

officiant - father andrew macdonald

hair - cheryl weeks

makeup - jacki peters

wedding dress - allure at perfect pair bridal

grooms suit - moores

flowers - alberton florists

decorator - rave event decor (velma robichaud)

planner - caie-lea carpenter

dj - tyler's dj services

cake - karen's kupcakes

caterer - northport pier restaurant

stationary - vistaprint

transportation - gordon's tours & eclipse entertainment

videographer - mel guary 

photographer - brady mccloskey photography 

Amy & Webster - Destination wedding on PEI

wedding date - august 20th, 2017

Amy & Web grew up in the same town in Massachusetts and went to high school together. They connected early because of how much they laughed together, and remained friends over the years and through college. After graduation they both ended up moving to Boston where they reconnected and decided to try going on a date. During a romantic Italian dinner on a snowy evening in January, everything felt right and they realized they must to be more than friends. They spent more and more time together, moved in, and got engaged two and a half years after that first date. 

Ever since he was born Webster spent each Summer at his grandparent's home in Prince Edward Island. It's a special place for his family and meant a lot when he took Amy to visit for the first time in August of 2015. She also fell in love with the Island's rolling hills and beautiful coastline. After a rainstorm, Amy & Web took a walk and sat on the cliff by Cape Tryon Lighthouse. Web used this as the perfect time and place to ask Amy to marry him, and she obviously said yes! One year later, they returned to PEI to get married.  

Feeling the pull of Prince Edward Island, they knew it was the perfect place to get married despite the distance from home. Every guest travelled from afar, making PEI a destination for all. Using their families as their wedding inspiration, they also incorporated decor inspired by Amy's many visits to her grandparent's in Cape Cod. A nautical farm theme of navy and white was executed by Kiss The Bride. 

Despite the hard work that went into preparing, Amy & Webster's wedding day had a feeling of ease and simplicity that was focused on enjoying the Island and being present in the moment. We photographed at Webster's parent's beautiful Summer property and the nearby French River beach, before heading to Clinton Hills for the ceremony & reception. These two were a joy to work with, and I am so happy they feel in love with Prince Edward Island, and each other!  

advice from the couple

Enjoy your day and trust those around you! Chances are you'll have support from your family, friends, and even staff from your venue, so plan ahead as much as you want but make sure you and your future spouse both live in the present on your wedding day to enjoy every moment.