tips for a Rainy wedding day

If you're like some brides, you've been checking and refreshing the long range weather forecast ever since your date popped up. You may be disappointed to see rain on the horizon, but with a little pre planning and a good attitude, the rain certainly won't spoil the fun. 

As a Prince Edward Island wedding photographer it is inevitable that I will experience a rainy wedding day at some point. I've photographed many before, and will likely photograph many in the future. However, there's a few things to think about that will make your day go much smoother if rain is on the way.

Of course, umbrellas! Umbrellas are an absolute must if the weather is looking wet. I've photographed many couples under the shelter of umbrellas and they help to keep hair and makeup in tact, and outfits clean and dry. You may want to consider purchasing enough for you and your wedding party so that in the event of light rain, everyone is still able to venture outside for photos. Make sure to keep your receipt so that you return them if you didn't end up using them. 

In many instances I'll photograph the bride and groom under the cover of their umbrella, and then have them drop it quickly for a few fast photos. This gives a mix of both views, and is quick enough to make sure no one gets too wet. Besides the wet ground, you may never know it was raining. 

Have a back up plan in place for your photos and an alternate location if your ceremony is outdoors. Being prepared for weather can help ease a lot of stress on your wedding day. By having a back up plan in case of rain, you don't have to scramble on the day of and take up time. I've photographed under the cover of verandas, in public buildings, and under heavy foliage. I've even rode along for a long, limo dance party. A professional photographer is trained to handle unexpected circumstances and work in difficult situations, so hiring one will be a big help when it comes to a rainy wedding day. 

Beforehand, consult with your hairstylist and makeup artist for tips on keeping yourself looking picture perfect despite rain and humidity. A professional will know different techniques to make sure your hair & makeup don't change throughout the day. I asked the talented Holly Ryder from Priti Makeup Artistry to give some tips for keeping your makeup in line on a rainy day. Holly says:

  • Primer! It will help everything stay in place
  • Waterproof eyeliner and mascara
  • Choosing creamy products vs powders, ex. a cream blush & liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer instead of powder alternatives
  • Good quality lipstick, it has better staying power than a gloss!

There you have it. 

Be flexible with your timing. If it is raining, chances are there will be a window of time at some point in the day where it stops completely, or it is only spitting/misting. Being able to do some photos before or after you originally planned can be a way to avoid the rainy parts of your day. If the weather is looking sour, consider options like a first look before your ceremony, or some photos after dinner. This gives you more than one opportunity for photos, and makes sure you don't just rely on one specific time. 

However, even on the worst of days you never know when the clouds may break and the sun starts to peak through! 

The most important thing - keep up a positive attitude. Your wedding day is what you make it. You can't control the weather, but you can control how you handle it. Above all, it's important to not let the rain spoil your day. Your shoes may get a little wet, you may not be able to get to locations you planned for, and you may need to adjust your timeline, but after all it's important to remember to have fun. So, take a breather and keep on smiling!

And if all else fails.....have a drink. 

Been caught on a rainy wedding day? What did you do to keep dry and have fun? Leave me a comment!