2018 Favorites

2018 brought another year of adventure. New people, new places, and so many new experiences. I’ve been welcomed into the lives of strangers and friends during nearly 200 photo shoots this past year. It is always a time consuming and difficult task of narrowing down my personal favorite photos from my wedding and portrait work, only some of which can fit in this post. For many different reasons, these are the photos that stand out to me personally.

Working with people every day is the best part of this job, and being invited to be a part of all your moments is so appreciated. To every single person who was behind the camera this year, I thank you for allowing me to tell a little part of your story. I’ve had a blast. 2019 is sure to be another big year, and I hope to see you along the way.

Many thanks, and enjoy.

2017 Favorites

Sitting down and compiling this collection is always something I look forward to every year. It allows me to look back on everything I've captured that year and choose my personal favorite photos. For many different reasons, these are some of the shots that stand out.

In 2017 we delivered a total of nearly 29,000 photos to wedding, portrait, and commercial clients. Thinking about that number is overwhelming, and thinking of all of that work is too. But year after year I continue to love this creative field that introduces me to so many people, making real connections along the way. To absolutely everyone who trusted and hired me this past year, I appreciate you so much. A huge thank you as well to everyone who followed along or gave support in any way!

2017 seemed to be a year of surprises for my business and I'm so fortunate for all of these opportunities. My favorite photography podcast recorded an episode about me, I hired my first part time employee, was contracted by the New York Times, and was named one of the top 25 most inspiring photographers in Canada. What a ride! 

Without the fun and interesting interactions, dynamics, and relationships of clients, there would be nothing. A photograph aims to tell the story of what happened, so thank you all for providing these amazing stories. 

Enjoy ~

7 Photos, 7 Stories

Often times there is so much more behind a photograph that we don't see. The backstory can be so important and a photograph only captures this for a split moment. A story can make a photograph, and a photograph can make a story. I've captured thousands of these over the years and don't get enough chances to share them, that's why I've chosen to highlight 7 photos and the stories behind them. Thank you to those who shared their stories with me. 


The Tear

I admit, I've been chasing this photo for a long time. Countless times I have stepped behind the bride and her father as they come down the aisle, framing the groom and hoping he will show real emotion in his face. I never like to do things twice, but it's so rare that everything comes together perfectly so I had challenged myself and was determined to capture this shot eventually. On a Summer day in July 2016, I did what I had done many times before and framed this shot of Michael watching Laura and her father walk down the isle. To my selfish delight and excitement, there it was - the full emotion, tears, and woah, wait a minute.....the icing on top, a KLEENEX! YES! Michael was incredibly excited to see his beautiful bride and this photo really preserves that moment. Laura later told me the moment she walked down the isle was her favorite of the day, so being able to capture it like this was really special. This photo became one of my favorites shots from 2016. 

The Dance

Back in 2013 I photographed Carlye & Jon, a wedding day that will always have a special place in my heart. One of the reasons was this particular photo. About a year before their wedding, Carlye's good friend Jacob suffered a traumatic brain injury that confined him to a wheelchair. During his long recovery, he promised Carlye he would stand up and be strong enough to dance with her on her wedding night. After many hard months of rehab and a strong determination, Jacob did what he promised, stood up out of his wheelchair that night, held on to Carlye and slow danced to an entire song. Besides the beautiful music by Ten Strings & A Goat Skin, you could hear a pin drop in the barn that night as all eyes were on this amazing moment. Today, four years later Jacob now doesn't even use a wheelchair and has gone on to be married himself. An amazing turnaround from a person they weren't sure would even survive the air lift to Halifax the night of the injury. 

The Proposal

In the Fall of 2015 Sam booked a session for her, her boyfriend Dylan, and the couple's two dogs. That was all good and I was looking forward to meeting them at Orwell Corner one Sunday afternoon. A couple weeks later I was excited to receive an email from Dylan letting me know he actually planned to propose at their session! We worked out a plan together and waited for the day to come. When that Sunday arrived, it unfortunately was pouring rain but knowing what was about to happen and not wanting to wait for a new day, we both had to convince Sam that yes, it was a great idea to still go ahead - pouring rain and all! In Sam's mind I'm sure there wasn't any logical reason why the session should still happen outdoors, but I brought umbrellas and they showed up as planned. After taking a few photos and trying to stay dry, I set Dylan & Sam up in a perfect location and let the proposal happen. Everything worked out in the end, the rain stopped, and of course, she said YES. Afterwards we all laughed as Sam pieced the whole puzzle together! Such a fun moment to be a part of for two very sweet people.


The Rocks

16 years ago, Len & Brent travelled from Vancouver for their first trip to PEI together. Len is originally from the Island and wanted Brent to experience his home province and meet family, so they packed their bags. After checking into their cottage the evening they arrived, the first place they headed was to the rocks at Cavendish Beach, one the the most picturesque places on the North shore. Years later, in the Summer of 2015 they returned to that very spot to exchange their marriage vows. It was a heart felt and emotional ceremony that really was a beautiful thing to be a part of. As a special touch at the end, Len & Brent walked to the water's edge and tossed in two small glass hearts made by a favorite Vancouver artist. This was a little tribute to the place that is so special to them. Many times they have strolled the beach looking for sea glass and they know some day someone will find those hearts and hopefully experience the same excitement and joy. 

The visit 

For the past 3 years Mary has worked as an RCW worker at the Dr. John Gillis Memorial Lodge in Belfast, PE. Throughout these years she has built strong friendships with the senior residents, laughing with them, caring for them, and helping with daily activities. According to Mary, the residents talk to you about life, they give advice, and they get over the moon excited for you when you share any exciting news - especially an engagement and planning a wedding! Since the residents and staff are like family, they became just as excited about the upcoming wedding as the rest of Mary & Leo's family and friends. Since they were unable to attend, Mary & her husband Leo made it a priority to stop by the lodge on their way to the reception that evening, visiting every guest and every room for a quick Hello, hug, or chat. This particular resident Kenneth has grown fond of Mary over the years, always making her laugh and making sure to share one dance for her every Saturday during the hoedown. He was just one of the residents so excited to see their Mary, who they love so much. Being there to capture everyone's joy and excitement was so much fun to experience. 

The Goat

This past Summer I photographed the fun and energetic wedding of Kelly & Ian, a good time from start to finish. After the speeches were finished that evening I was pulled to the side by the MC and told they had one more surprise gift for the bride and groom. Outside the tent he said was a live GOAT about to be walked in! Ian grew up on a farm while Kelly is a self proclaimed city girl and not who you would call an animal lover at all. Their friends knew how much of a laugh this would bring so they adorned the goat in a "the gift of love" ribbon and walked it into the tent to everyone's shock and surprise - especially Kelly. After the looks of confusion, surprise, and even horror from the bride, everyone had a great laugh. Today, Milly the Goat as she's been called, happily lives on Ian's family farm, frolicking with the families two dogs and enjoying the open space. They now love their new part time goat and Kelly is just happy it wasn't a full time puppy like Ian wanted! 

The Ladybug

Natasha and her Mother were very close when she was growing up. Their 'thing' was always ladybugs and any time either of them would go away without the other, they always brought home a small gift that was ladybug related. This continued for years and the ladybug forever became a special symbol and reminder of Natasha's Mother after she passed away. During visits to the gravestone, or after a rough day, a ladybug would somehow always appear for Natasha when least expected. Even on a January day in -40 weather, Natasha and her husband moved into their new apartment in Alberta and when they arrived for the first time there was a ladybug inside, welcoming them home. After their wedding ceremony in 2014, the sun was shining and guests were mingling in the receiving line. I heard my name called and when I walked over, sure enough a ladybug had landed on her great Aunt's hand - just after they had talked about how much her Mother would have loved the ceremony. It sat there long enough for me to capture this, then gracefully flew away <3 


2016 Favorites

There are so many Thank Yous to be given at the end of each year. To everyone including all the amazing brides and grooms, the family members who helped organize their family photo sessions, the wedding guests who let me sit with them at their table, the people who showed up nervous to their shoot and left relaxed, the fellow wedding vendors who created beauty, the fiances who helped pick out their partner's outfit, the kids that made us laugh, the limo drivers who took us around, the people that didn't grumble when I asked to take their photo, and to absolutely everyone else who was behind my lens this year......I thank you.

2016 took me near and far, seeing so much and meeting so many. To think of all the amazing experiences and moments I've had the pleasure of being a part of can be overwhelming, but looking back through every folder makes me smile, laugh, and say 'awww' too many times. Thank you to each and every client who trusted me to capture a part of their lives this year. Here's a look back at some of my personal favorites photos from another year of the coolest job ever. 


Your Four Legged Friends

I'm a big animal lover and always enjoy when people bring their pets along to photo shoots. I think it's important to have photos of your pets since they mean a lot to you, so I try to always take the time to grab a quick photo of them along the way.

Over the years I've had the chance to meet and photograph a lot of happy, smiling, four legged friends - so here's a little fur filled tribute to them!